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Properties of Hemp Seed

The weight of the hemp seed is very small. Therefore, approximately 1,000 seeds of marijuana have an average weight of 25 grams. In ancient times, using hemp seedlings, people learned to treat a lot of stomach disorders, including gastrointestinal tract disorders. Exposure to seeds of hemp can act as an excellent laxative, thereby completely clearing and restoring all affected areas of the digestive tract.

Sale of seeds of cannabis in Ukraine

Sale, purchase of hemp seeds throughout the territory of Ukraine is allowed, as they do not contain the narcotic components (TGK KDB) which are prohibited by law.

You can order seeds in our shop, and associate them as a souvenir, which will always remind you of us.

In our country and abroad seeds of hemp are bought for both medical purposes and for the purpose of an unusual presentation. But what a present without the original branded packaging?

Features of Hemp

From ancient times to hemp in Ukraine there was a very positive attitude, this plant was very popular in everyday life, it was used in medicine, religious and mystical rites, it was described in proverbs and sung in songs. And only in the early twentieth century, its fruits were banned in significant countries of the world. It was from this time that she began to actively use her as a drug. For Ukraine it is not only a drug, but an important item of life. It was used in many industries. According to historical assertions, the fabric from this plant was made already in the VIII millennium BC! Thanks to the favorable climatic conditions, hemp with flax was the main material for weaving in Ukraine. After all, in cannabis cloths there were many advantages.
Firstly, due to good thermoregulation it keeps the body warm.
Secondly, sweating is greatly reduced.
Thirdly, this fabric is very comfortable when worn. (It is impossible to stretch it and it can not be deformed) And after each washing it becomes even more pleasant and softer to the body. Now in the trend of vinegar from hemp in Ukraine, however, the prices due to the obstacles in cultivation are rather cosmic. Previously, it was used in the manufacture of paper instead of trees, due to the fact that the plant grows for a year, not 50, as a tree. The peculiarity of hemp paper is durability. Also, hemp is completely eco-product, because it is not necessary to add chemicals, such as chlorine, used in the manufacture of wood paper. If you go deep into religion, you can learn from the oldest Ukrainian stories that when the first woman Eve cried through exile from paradise, this plant appeared on the spot of tears. And before the spread of Christianity on earth, the plant was popular in the magical sense. She has two female and male stems. The female stem was called "uterus" and was a symbol of fertility, male "flattened". In order to have many healthy offspring after the first bathing of the newborn it was decided to tie the uterus. Ukrainian witches also used hemp to cause rains, as well as to dispose of their enemies. People also flooded the thresholds of their houses with a hemp color in the holiday of Ivan-Kupala, thus protecting themselves from evil spirits. What would have a good crop in a garden in Ukrainian villages sowed one hemp of bed, "that everything would be well born" Heavily used hemp and in medicine. He treated female and male "sexual" disorders, dental pain, and hemp oil was used in the treatment of tuberculosis But the most effective treatment was plant bashiha (peak).
  Everyone asked the question "what did the Cossacks smoke before it was opened to America?" For the Zaporozhye Army troops with the tube were inseparable, and tobacco on our continent fell short after the famous expedition of Columbus in 1492. The people believe that hemp was an auxiliary ingredient among the main plants of thyme, wormwood, wood, mint, thorn leaf. It was believed that smoking herbal mixtures not only was harmless to health, but they could also cure many illnesses, depending on the herbal collection. Interestingly, the origin of the name "marijuana" comes from two Slavic names "Maria and Ivan".
  Why do many countries again legalize plant cultivation? A lot of investigations have been carried out over the past 50 years and it has been discovered that hemp, despite some damage to the body, has many beneficial properties, one can also speak of drugs that treat one to the detriment of other organs. Marijuana is often prescribed for medical purposes for the treatment or relief of diseases such as chronic pain, Alzheimer's disease, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, arthritis, hepatitis C, epilepsy (including severe cases in children) and cancer. In Ukraine, hemp is officially banned even for medical purposes. Ukrainian scientists wrote an official appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers in April 2017, asking permission for scientific studies of substances containing this plant, arguing that in any developed country there are practically no restrictions on

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At first glance, this plant may seem simple and primitive, but deepening you can learn about it a lot of positive and useful qualities. It was not only actively used as raw material for making weaving and manufacturing articles, but also often in medicine. Cannabis was actively used during the Second World War to eliminate the pain of soldiers who were injured in the battle. The composition of the plant includes minerals, alkaloids, various essential oils and many more components that are beneficial to human and animal health. The main quality is a strong analgesic effect. It is actively used to eliminate the pain of some of the most serious diseases: epilepsy and oncology in the United States. It helps with rheumatism and migraines. If you use this plant correctly, it can not only anesthetize, but also cure diseases such as gout, arthritis, nervous diseases. Also, hemp is very often produced healing oils, rubbing them into the human body, stimulates the best development of skin cells. In addition to all the above qualities and properties, hemp can cure many diseases in the field of dermatology. Indica and sativa are the two main types of cannabis. The effect that occurs when smoking indices is a sense of relaxation, sativa, on the contrary, causes activity and raises the mood. Sativa is often used for the treatment of insomnia and with neuroses, struggles with depression, promotes increased attention and energizes. Indica relieves pain in the body, spasms, headaches and migraines, anxiety and stress.